Things That Go Bump in the Night


As a recap to my travel post here, I have now completed my recent work travel binge because of Recovery Act oversight dollars. Between July 15th, 2011 and September 26, 2011, I have traveled approximately 23, 100 miles. I have spent at least one night in 16 states. Eeks!

But onto other things… this morning I had my appointment with the Rheumatologist. He was super friendly and listened to me as I recounted my stories and sagas of aches and pains and creeks and cracks. I always feel bad complaining to doctors, but I guess that’s the point, right? Anyway, he moved a bunch of my joints and asked a bazillion questions and reviewed my SI joint xrays and then excused himself from the room.

He returned a little while later to tell me that it appears that I have at least sacroiliitis. It basically means inflamed SI joints. This could be tied to a variety of other issues including auto-immune diseases, issues with my spine, etc. So, he prescribed an anti-inflammatory that he says will be better than Nabumetone (one I was on before). This one is something with an M… can’t think of the name right now. He also told me I was to get xrays of my knees, MRIs of my hips and spine/lower back, and then bloodwork to see if it is an auto-immune issue.

I got my xrays and my bloodwork done at the office. I passed out from giving blood, per usual. I’m not sure what my issue is, but I just pass out… the nurse was super nice and helped me come back to with some smelling salts. Yay! Anyway, at least I have a portion of an answer– yayyy Rheumatologists!

So now it’s on to bigger and better things— and I’ll be back to go over all my test results in two weeks. For now I’m off to go home and make some dinner, do some work, and hang out with Andrew and Franklin. Perfect evening!


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