Cruising Around Alexandria on a Bike


Today was a good day. As I mentioned earlier, prednisone really seems to be helping out with the issues. I got up and went for a bike ride in Old Town today! It was good to be back on a bike and as we keep training for our Climate Ride next May, I want to be sure to train far enough in advance that I’m not “cramming” at the 11th hour.

So, today I followed Mount Vernon Ave and the Mount Vernon Bike Path down into the Huntington area. I ended up biking there and back for a total of around 9 miles; not too shabby. Just have to multiply that by 6 and do it for a week straight and I’ll be good to go. haha. The ride was tough; I am definitely out of shape but I’ll get there!

The ride took me down Mount Vernon Ave to Braddock Metro where I hung a right and then a quick left onto Pendleton street. From there, I road straight down to Royal Street. A right on Royal Street takes me quite a few blocks down across Princess, Prince, Duke, King, Oronoco, and others… and eventually slams right into the Mount Vernon Bike Path near the far side of Jones Point Park. There is currently a decent amount of construction going on in Jones Point Park so the path is closed through there, but you are still able to get the construction crew to wave you on through; they’re very nice- be sure to say hello in the event you bike that way! The bike path goes along the US-1 on-ramp and comes to an intersection where there are cement directions in the sidewalk pointing to Old Town, Jones Point, Huntington, and other places. I’ll try to grab a photo of it next time. So I followed this path down and along US-1 a ways and then pulled a U-turn and headed back up. It’s a great ride to do Saturday mornings, ending up at the Old Town Farmers Market.

Tomorrow we’re headed apple picking; I’m thinking about making one of these recipes but I’m still open to other ideas, so if you have any, let me know!





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