PSA: Arugula


Arugula is a salad green. It is low in calories and high in Vitamin A and C. It was originally seen a lot in Italy and France but spread to the US more recently (think the 90s). It is spicy and bitter and sometimes described as a “peppery mustard” flavor. You can pretty much do anything with it from using it as a salad green to sauteeing it to using it as lettuce on a sandwich. It’s pretty inexpensive and in my experience, lasts longer than a mixed greens box or bag you may get at the store. Some of the things that we’ve made recently with it include…

1. Throwing it in with some pasta and letting it wilt- adds fantastic flavor and adds a great veggie to a pasta dish!

2. We cooked some stead and made steak sandwiches on a french baguette with fresh crisp arugula and parmesan cheese!

3. Similar to #1, I cooked up some spaghetti squash (just cut in half and roast face down for about an hour or until fork tender). Then scoop out the seeds and discard. Using a fork, shred out the “spaghettis” and put aside. In a frying pan on the stove, cook some small cherry tomatoes cut in half with green bell pepper, fresh garlic, salt, pepper, and arugula. Let it cook so the tomatoes break down and all the fragrances and flavors blend. Add the spaghetti squash and toss well with the “sauce.”

These are just a few ways to use arugula. How do you use it?


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I have a zest for life and am always willing to try new things! I love traveling, food and cooking, my boyfriend, Andrew, our dog, Franklin, my bearded dragon, Roxy, and all things water-related. When I'm not at work dealing with nonpoint source pollution, you can find me hiking, biking, running, camping, road-tripping, or working on my masters in Environmental Planning and Management!

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