A Visit to Aunt Kelly’s


This past weekend, our trip up to Red Hook, NY to visit Andrew’s Aunt Kelly, pushed me over the 23,600 mile mark on my travel tally between July 1st and now. That brings the totals to 16 states, 20 beds, 13 hotels, and 6 houses. As I said, we headed north to Red Hook, NY.

We had a fantastic time in NY! We got to see a bunch of Andrew’s relatives and their friends and of course, Kelly wined and dined us :0). Before we headed up there, I was a little nervous about how Franklin would do in a different house and with a new puppy. Kelly’s pup is named Rocky and he is just a ball of joy! Anyway, the visit went swimingly and Rock and Franklin got around really well! I think Franklin needs a friend!

Anyway, along with the pups being new best friends, we had a chance to catch up with friends and family which really nice and relaxing (although I had to mix in some school work here and there). On Saturday evening we had a delicious meal of grilled beer can chicken and grilled filets. In addition, we had some brussel sprouts and salad and a few cocktails. The cherry on top? A scrumptious fruit tart!

On Sunday I wasn’t feeling 100% but after some pushing, we went on a little 2.5 mile hike down to the river to get us and the pup some exercise. We then dropped Franklin off at the house and after changing headed over to a place called the Beekman Arms. Located in town, it was actually the location of Andrew’s parents’ wedding reception. Such a beautiful place and delicious drinks and food! While Andrew chose a pomegranate margarita, I went with melon mojito. YUM! For meals, I had an omelet with spinach and feta and Andrew had french toast.

After lunch we grabbed some ice cream at a local outfit, called the Holy Cow. From there, we headed back and relaxed and tried to get over stuffing ourselves! We met a few more friends that came by and relaxed with gin and tonics, vodka tonics, and more. So relaxing and enjoyable. For dinner we dined on leftover steak and brie quesadillas! Monday morning we were up early and headed to the diner to see Andrew’s other aunt. The owners sent out some sausage and bacon for Franklin which he greatly appreciated!

The trip was wonderful and enjoyable- I only wish that we had about a week more to spend there hanging out and relaxing. It was a much needed mini-break and I always love heading up there! It’s great to know that Franklin loves Rocky and Kelly and co. so much– can’t wait for the next trip!


About aklasiccommotion

I have a zest for life and am always willing to try new things! I love traveling, food and cooking, my boyfriend, Andrew, our dog, Franklin, my bearded dragon, Roxy, and all things water-related. When I'm not at work dealing with nonpoint source pollution, you can find me hiking, biking, running, camping, road-tripping, or working on my masters in Environmental Planning and Management!

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  1. Kelly is the GREATEST at feeding people. I’m sure Nugg told you about the time Austin and I got deathly ill while visiting him at college. We went to Kelly’s after that and she nursed us back to health with deliciousness. She also took us to see the Beekman Arms but we didn’t get to eat there! Glad to hear it was good!! ~;o)

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