Tired, Itchy, and Calculating Submitted Charges


Today I am utterly exhausted. Maybe it’s the AS, maybe it’s the 9 hour mandatory office training/retreat that I had today, maybe it’s the lack of sleep, maybe it’s the stress of my GRTS conference coming up next week, maybe it’s the stress of my yet to be determined Halloween costume, or maybe it’s my grad school work.. regardless, I am exhausted. I feel like I have one of those lead blankets on, you know the ones they give you when you get an xray? Well it’s been on me all day or at least that’s what it feels like… on top of that, I itch. Yes, itch. My fingers, my toes, my ankles, my head, my arms, my legs, my back, even my eyelids. What gives? I don’t think itching everyone is a side effect of enbrel and I’ve only given myself one shot so far, so I doubt it’s that, but it still makes me wonder… why do I itch so much?

So, that’s how my day’s going. I managed to answer my smart growth discussion forum questions today, I responded to 15 comments on my term paper presentation (everyone in my class has to comment and I respond), and I wrote a technical paper review on retail LEED certification. I really should have read and written the two other papers that I have that are due tomorrow at Midnight but I’m too tired. Instead, I’m going to try to get up early tomorrow morning to work on them. I have a pretty full day tomorrow between another full day of training/retreat and my annual PARS review with my boss.

You’re probably wondering what the calculating submitted charges means in the title… well, I thought it might be neat to track how much money is submitted in charges for the doctor visits and medications that I’m having/will have. While I’m still awaiting summaries on a few appointments and I need to scrounge up my Ortho appointments, I do have a few… I’ll try to keep a tally as we go, might be kind of interesting :0)

Diagnostic Pathology (at MRI Center): $18.00
PT Physical Medicine: $675.00
XRays and Medical Equipment/Supplies for first Blood Tests: $5,320.00

*does not include full blood tests, TB test, enbrel visit/medication, MRI exams, Orthopedist visits, or SI joint xrays*


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  1. Hahaha…”neat” to track, huh? That’s probably going to be more like depressing to track. ~;o)

    Also, I meant to mention earlier, if you need help figuring out how to get the Enbrel Support payments let me know – I have experience with that too. Enbrel the wonder drug is EXPENSIVE.

    As for the itchy, I have had itchiness at the injection site for 1-2 hours after injection on occasion, but never full body itchiness. ~;o( Yuck. If it persists I would ask the rheumy about that one.

    Hang in there and let me know if there is anything at all I can do to help!! Can’t wait to see you soon!

  2. hehe- Maybe charges will be neat to track because I have pretty good health insurance? Here’s hoping. lol. Yeah, I might ask you about the Enbrel support stuff– I haven’t registered yet. Maybe I’ll do that tonight.

    The itchiness sucks– everywhere, especially on my knuckles and toes and ankles and eyelids. Weird right? ugh.

    • If you have pretty good health insurance you might not even need the Enbrel support – I needed it because my student health insurance only covered 50% of meds, which left us with like $800 a month we couldn’t afford. But now with Austin’s insurance we only pay $30/month so I don’t even use Enbrel support anymore. It probably makes sense to find out how much your insurance will cover before you bother with the Enbrel support.

      And, yeah, the itchiness is the weirdest. If it keeps up I hope you’ll call the doctor. Itchy eyelids sounds horrible. Plus, you have to remember now that the Enbrel is purposefully weakening you immune system, so it makes sense to call the doctor if you are in doubt, even if you wouldn’t have in the past.

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