The Patient Has Returned


First off, a huge thank you to everyone who has sent notes and emails, texts and ims and has called about Andrew. So sweet of all of you! Andrew and I drove into GW hospital early on Tuesday morning. We had to be there at 6AM for pre-op. We got in and signed in and met up with his parents. Andrew was immediately called upstairs for some pre-op work but we did get to see him before he went into surgery. He went in about 7AM. The surgeon told us to expect to hear from him around 10. My parents drove down as well so we all got to the nerve-racking waiting game. Around 9 or so, the surgeon came down to talk to us.

The surgery went extremely well- the mass that was to be removed was located in the external layer of the muscle wall (external oblique). That being said, it was not impacted to far so they didn’t have to cut too far into the chest wall. Along with the mass they removed some marginal area to ensure everything was removed. The mass ended up being a spindle cell tumor- low grade malignant. The tumor and the marginal area combined were about the size of a grapefruit. The muscles were then stretched and connected with a series of stitches that had fiber sugars attached to them. These sugars will dissolve and help bind the muscles back together. They left a drain in the wound to drain “muscle binding fluid.” The surgeon seemed extremely happy with how well the surgery went. Andrew had to spend the night in the ICU just to be watched– and on a constant morphine drip.

We spent the day with him. He was super fuzzy and in and out of it (as morphine does to you). On Wednesday, we went back in as soon as visitor hours began and the on duty nurses informed us that he had a great evening and could probably go home today. He was pretty nauseous but had been off of morphine for two hours by the time we had gotten there. As he went through the day, his condition slowly improved and we were able to get him discharged!!! He was discharged with a drain in his incision which drains the fluids surrounding the muscle-binding. In the past day, he has improved leaps and bounds. He is eating crackers, some ramen, and half a bagel. He has been up walking a bit and has been lucid since yesterday (today is Thursday).

So all in all, surgery went extremely well and even though it was a tumor and it was low grade malignant, this should be the course of action. We will see once the full biopsy is complete. All we know now about the tumor is that it is a spindle cell tumor which basically means it is either caused by fat tissue, nerve tissue, or muscle tissue; the biopsy will tell us which and we’ll go from there.

So, thank you again, everyone for your well wishes and concerns! I appreciate them!!!!


As for me, I’ve got a follow up appointment next week to see how the past month or so of injections has gone!


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I have a zest for life and am always willing to try new things! I love traveling, food and cooking, my boyfriend, Andrew, our dog, Franklin, my bearded dragon, Roxy, and all things water-related. When I'm not at work dealing with nonpoint source pollution, you can find me hiking, biking, running, camping, road-tripping, or working on my masters in Environmental Planning and Management!

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  1. Thanks for your thorough explanation for all of us so far away. It sounds like our Andrew is in capable hands both medically and personally. Very reassuring. ♥

    Hope your appointment next week is a productive one.
    Hugs to you both.

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