Voltran Gel for Osteoarthritis


Voltran gel. So, it’s not really called Voltran, but it’s close, so that’s what I’m calling it. On Wednesday, I got to meet with my Rheumy for a much anticipated appointment. Over the past two months, as you know, I’ve been off Enbrel and not visiting my Rheumy because of a Lyme’s Disease and Mono diagnosis. I was really worn down, frustrated, and stressed out when I showed up. The nurse who is always there and works with me (the same one who taught me how to use Enbrel) put her arm around me and led me back to the exam room. She asked me how I was doing and I was completely honest with her. She was so understanding and wonderful. She told me to take a deep breath and said that we’d figure it all out. My pulse was good (72 beats a minute), but my blood pressure was up. The last few times I’ve gone to the doctor it’s been elevated which is weird because usually it’s low and everyone is always telling me how wonderful it is.That’s for the next post.

So anyway, I got my long-awaited and needed direction from him; I can go back on Enbrel! This morning I took my first injection in over two months. It was funny because this time my mentality was, thank god I get to take it, rather than ugh another injection. It made it much easier. So basically the Rheumy said we’ll give the Enbrel two more months and if it doesn’t help, we will try something else. I’m hoping the Enbrel works. He also said that if I don’t feel any better next week to let him know and he’ll probably put me on a short term course of steroids. In addition, I will continue to be on Nambumetone and hopefully that  coupled with Enbrel will do the trick.

Then he turned to my knees. I had complained about them before and how it hurts to be in the car too long, they hurt when I walk, etc. He re-examined my xrays and poked and prodded the knees for a bit and said that it appears to be osteoarthritis and that my bursae are puffy and swollen (inside of the knees). He said that he could give me cortisonal injections (to which I made a face… more injections?). He smiled and said we would try a topical osteoarthris gel first. You 2g of it on the spots of pain/tenderness 4 times a day. The gel, Voltran gel, as I affectionately call it, is another NSAID (as is Nambumetone). I’m hoping the gel will work.

So that’s about where we are. I go back in a month to follow up and get blood work done again. In addition, if nothing improves by next week, I call and go on steroids. Here’s hoping I feel better next week!

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  1. Yay Enbreltimes! Honestly, Enbrel was a lifesaver for me for literally YEARS and I hope it does good work for you! And a short course of prednisone wouldn’t be the end of the world either – the reason I think prednisone is such an evil drug is because it actually WORKS. It helps with the pain and the energy so much – and a short course won’t give you the nasty side effects. ~;o)

    As for the Voltran gel I’ve actually used it before too – my rheumy gave me a sample of it when I was dealing with De Quervain’s Tensosynovitis in my wrist (say that three times fast! here’s what that is: http://fromthispoint-forward.blogspot.com/2011/03/de-quervains-tensosynovitis.html) I thought it was quite useful in taking the edge of the pain. I still have some of it and I wanted to put it on my back but I guess it’s not save for pregnancy use (so I got some lidoderm patches instead). So, yeah, hopefully that will help too.

    I will keep my fingers crossed that things start getting better soon! And please let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

  2. Just wanted to let you know that Enbrel and steroids are not good for you if you have Lyme! They make is worse! What else is going on with your Lyme diagnosis??

  3. Mariah and Sarah: Thanks for your notes– I need to add a follow up post for the gel– it seems to be pretty good although last night I wanted to be put out of my misery because of knee, ankle, and hip pain. Oh well- confident that the Enbrel will kick back in soon!

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