Where do I start? I guess with the basics…

Name: Meghan

Age: 27

Relationship: I have lots of relationships, but the one with Andrew is my favorite

Pets: Bulldog-Boxer mix named Franklin, Bearded Dragon named Roxy

Location: Technically, Alexandria, VA; lately, out of suitcase in various places around the country

Likes/Loves: Camping, hiking, adventures, traveling, cycling, swimming, running, watersheds, my second toe, fruit (especially raspberries, watermelon, and mango), ice cream, cooking, calculus, jeeps, and listening to youtube.

Dislikes: Water pollution (although because of it, I have a job), fake people, fake tans, fake nails, fake food

Job: I have one! I love it; I work at EPA on Nonpoint Source Pollution in DC



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  1. Hello Meghan

    Out of all the Enbrel reaction images I clicked on yours. Ok, that sounds horrible. I just wanted to say how inspiring it was to stumble upon your blog today. I am also a woman who was diagnosed with AS one month ago. I started having the unfortunate bulls eye phenomenon and was in search of answers…apparently it’s normal? Anyway, I love how you are just tackling life and continuing to do the things you love.

    Good luck with work, school, and AS craziness! I will check back to see how the running goes…you are braver than I!

    p.s. The jaw thing…I had problems with jaw pain starting years before I was diagnosed. The pain has since subsided but my bite did change (my teeth do not touch) annoying but liveable.

    • Stefany: Thank you so much for the post! I’m sorry that you were diagnosed with AS, but a diagnosis is better than pain and no diagnosis! As for the weird reactions- I’m not sure if they’re “normal” but my rheumy seemed to think that since I wasn’t having them with breathing problems or other typical allergic reactions, that I shouldn’t give up on Enbrel. Speaking with a friend who has RA, she mentioned that it’s hard for doctors to give up on a medication this early on because there are only a handful of options… which makes sense, so I’ll keep using it for now! Interesting about the jaw pain and the bite change. I will have to monitor mine- I hope you are not in too much pain!!

      Thank you so much for the kind words and definitely hang in there and as I mentioned to Kate, we’ll be on this journey together! We just need to look at it as another bump in the road; it keeps life interesting and an interesting life is always better than a dull one! I hope you have a great week!

  2. Thank you Meghan! I hope you have a great week too! When the pain creeps (or slams) in, remember that laughter is an amazing medicine!

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