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I’ve Never Had Allergies (other than bees).


I’ve never had allergies before… except for bees. I do not like bees. I understand that they are important pollinators, but I don’t like them. When I was younger, I got stung twice (once behind each knee) and had to go to the ER because my throat closed and my legs got so swollen I couldn’t walk. It was awful. Other than that though, no allergies. I always thought, man I’m so glad that I don’t get runny noses and eyes and itchiness. I felt bad for my friends who had to deal with allergies; they can be really nasty.

So, when I called my Rheumy today and explained that I swear I’m not being a hypochondriac and that I really have been itching since Friday’s injection day, I was sure she was going to tell me it was probably just nerves or me trying to convince myself that giving myself injections was a bad idea. You can imagine my surprise when she said, oh it’s probably allergies. Enbrel suppresses your immune system and can make you more susceptible to allergies. Just take a zyrtec everyday and you should be ok, but let us know if it doesn’t go away. Wait, what? What do you mean it’s probably allergies?

So, let me get this straight. I went from some sharp pain literally in my butt to taking anti-inflammatories, giving myself self-injections, and now I have allergies? WTF! I will tell you one thing, my life never has a dull day anymore, that is for sure. So here’s hoping that Zyrtec does the trick and my insane itching goes away. Yay for more pills!