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No Better Rainy Day Activity Than Apple Picking


This morning we dropped Andrew’s friend, Lana off at Dulles Airport for her flight to Hawaii! It was early in the morning and about an hour or so closer to Marker Miller Orchards, so we decided to drive all the way on out (rather than drive home and spend 3+ hours to do it again). The weather was freeeezing and rainy, but we got a huge bag of delicious fresh apples, so it was definitely worth it. I’m hoping to make one of these recipes this weekend/week if I can ever dig myself out from under this pile of grad school work and EPA conference planning!

Anyway, we picked a sizeable grocery bag full of apples; choosing from Golden Delicious, Fuji, Crispen, and Roma.. they also had Red Delicious and Ida Red but we weren’t feeling those today. We also spent some time walking around their little store. They are famous for their most delicious cider donuts… just amazing. Last year when we went picking, there was a line about 20 people long and they just kept carting out fresh, piping hot donuts! This year, no real line; the weather seemed to deter the masses but not everyone! One of the guys that works there was super friendly and was telling us that they just ran out of fresh made blueberry donuts but were now onto pumpkin donuts and we should definitely try them… along with a few other choice baked goods in the little counter display. Needless to say, we walked out with a whole mess of baked goods from cider donuts to pumpkin donuts to cinnamon twists. YUM!

Along with the baked goods, we grabbed some small red potatoes, a spaghetti squash, some honey-peanut butter bites (For Franklin), a nice big onion, and a bag of culled pears (we got about 25 for $5)! From there we headed back towards home and made a stop off at Hudson Trails Outfitters to get Andrew a new bike chain and then to Costco to get some new pillows, socks, and pineapple/mango slices (YUMM). Horror upon horror, they were OUT OF MANGO SLICES! That did not make a happy Klasic, but Andrew was quick with the uptake and said “let’s just get a box of mangos.” So we did and it’s just wonderful. I really love mangos.

The rest of the day since getting home (not much of it left) was spent taking a nap (gasp! a nap? I haven’t taken one in years!) and then reading papers for class, writing responses to discussion questions on my class forums, and typing up technical review papers. Dinner was thai food from the Thai Peppers restaurant in Del Ray; I know, we just got a ton of delicious produce, what are we thinking!?! Well, when it’s 10PM on a Saturday and you’ve been working and running most of the day, sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking… plus, I just cleaned the kitchen and I wanted one more day with no messes. That’s not too much to ask, right?

Tomorrow we’re going to bike into DC (can you tell that I’m still gushing over prednisone)? We’re headed to breakfast with some of Andrew’s Cornell friends and then off to see the Solar Decathlon. Then it’s football (and term paper research) time!


It’s Apple Season, Y’All!



Andrew and I are going apple picking this weekend at Marker Miller Orchard. It’s pretty far away from our apartment, but we like it for two reasons; 1) it is near to where Bridget moved, so we may get to see her (!) and 2) they allow dogs (yay for canine friends).

In light of our trip to apple land, I wanted to share a few recipes that I think sound delicious and could be potential recipes that I will make in the upcoming weeks… feel free to share your ideas too! I’m always willing to try new things out :0)


Dried Apples: Simple and Delicious This recipe is as simple as it sounds. You basically core fresh apples, slice them thinly and bake them at 200 degrees on a lightly greased pan for 2-3 hours. YUM!

Roasted Apple and Cheddar Salad This recipe is a “healthy” one; ie, it’s salad. But the dressing sounds very similar to one that Andrew’s mom uses and has shared the recipe with me for… it’s dijon mustard, olive oil, salt, and pepper with some added twists; apple juice, honey, and red wine vinegar. Mmmm!

Baked Apple Cider Donuts ┬áDELICIOUS! I love apple cider donuts and here’s a recipe to make them baked! Yes, it calls for a donut pan, but who wouldn’t want an excuse to buy a donut pan!?!

Ok, that’s all I’ll share for now. Hopefully we’ll do some cooking/baking this weekend and I’ll have pictures and posts and full recipes to share!