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Sleeping in Splints


First off, Happy Thanksgiving! I’ll write a post about Turkey Day later! Yesterday, I met with my Rheumy for a check-up on how the meds are going, how I’ve been feeling, ailments, etc. As I suspected, I had to get more blood taken to do updated tests and see if the meds are helping at all. I did not pass out and I didn’t even black out! This time the nurse put a piece of paper with some writing on the ceiling and had me try to figure out what it said. Pretty nice of her to do and it did the trick.

As you may remember, I mentioned a few posts ago that I am having more pain and tenderness and weakness in my wrists and fingers. I brought this up to my Rheumy and he did a few tests that included questions, tapping on my wrists, and then holding them face-down in a 90 degree angle (if that makes sense) and seeing what happens. I felt pain and pins and needles. His conclusion was that I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. He prescribed me wrist splints which I’m supposed to wear whenever I am not typing. I am also to wear them when I am sleeping. They basically wrap around your thumb and wrists and velcro in the back. Pretty shnazzy… they also have metal bars in the section which runs from your wrist down your fore arm for stability. If this doesn’t help improve the pain/tingling then they can do a full nerve test as well as cortizone shots. I am hoping that the splints will do the trick!

Along with the blood tests and wrist splints, I was also told to increase my nambumetone dosages. I have been taking 500mg twice a day. I am now increased to 750mg twice a day. The Enbrel seems to be helping at least most of the time… other than the random flare ups that I have been experiencing. My Rheumy said that we should see full effects in about 3 months time so I’m hoping that it improves.

As for my swollen ankles, he said it could be a result of the AS but if it continues, it may be worth a trip back to the orthopedist who did my ankle surgery to get it checked out to make sure that everything is good to go and there aren’t any healing issues.

So, I suppose all in all not a terrible follow-up appointment. Being diagnosed with carpal tunnel is annoying and the wrist splints aren’t particularly fun, but it could always be worse and that’s what I keep reminding myself of… so I’ll stick with icing most nights (maybe increase to every night), continue wearing my wrist splints, taking my nambumetone, and injecting myself on Friday mornings. We’ll get there yet!

Tomorrow will be dedicated to term papers, presentations, and figuring out an exercise plan so I can start seriously training for my half marathon. I’ll keep a close watch on my heels and Achilles as they have been acting up and sometime waking me up at night. Always something interesting!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to EVERYONE!